University of Pardubice is the only institution of higher education in the Pardubice region providing highly professional accredited university-level programmes, for example as the only Central European University in chemistry and technology of explosives.
Our research teams have been considered unique in the whole country and the EU.
Technology and Knowledge Transfer is an important part of research and innovation activities of the university. The Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer - CTKT helps to:
  • strengthen the university position in applied science on a regional and international level;
  • create an innovative atmosphere;
  • actively promote the intellectual property assets within the university community;
  • support student innovative ideas and entrepreneurial activities.


We aim to be a contact point for companies which have interest to work with the University of Pardubice.

  • to form and support innovations in the academic environment
  • to become an indispensable part of support for academic staff and students by providing a complex service from the first
  • idea to a final commercialization of research activities
  • to serve as an effective contact point to relate interested companies to specialized workplaces of the university
  • to develop optimized and transparent partnership network and broaden cooperation with commercial sector
  • to increase the intellectual property proportion in future university revenues, patent and licence granting activities


  • energetic materials
  • chemistry and materials science
  • bio-chemical sciences
  • printing arts and photophysics
  • transport infrastructure
  • logistics · restoration
  • information technology
  • sociology and evaluation studies
  • healthcare training and courses

Please, contact karolina.kasparova@upce.cz for more information.